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March 2019

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 fox 2 news detroit biased against pit bulls

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PostSubject: fox 2 news detroit biased against pit bulls   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:50 pm

To all APBT lovers, we need to bombard fox 2 news Detroit as they are[i] biased against pit bulls! I tried to go into their soundoff section to defend pit bulls and every time i tried to post, it kept saying "your post must be reviewed by a moderator 1st". And guess what? They NEVER got posted! A Warren woman shot a 7 month old pitbull saying ot was attacking her little dog, a shitzsu i believe, but the little dog had no marks on it whatsoever! The pit is ok, she didn't kill it, the lady that owns the pit says the woman, Miss Pope, doesn't like pit bulls n just shot her dog using the attack thing as an excuse for shooting her 7 month old puppy! I tried posting websites that offer lots of info on the breed but, fox 2 wouldn't let my posts go through. I tried to email them, n guess what? That wouldn't go through either!! So i called them n left them a very nice message in their comments voice mail section! Mr. Huel Perkins, a news anchor at fox 2, claims all pits a re as he put it, killers! Others are commenting saying all pits should be shot, or the breed should be banned completley. No one wants to hear the truth, no one wants to hear that it's people that do this to them, the dogs aren't born bad. I want fox 2 to know that pit lovers/owners aren't gonna take their bullshit bias and that thier ignorance of the breed as a whole, is incorrect. these ppl need to educate themselves on this breed b4 judging it cuz of what they heard in the news! Most times it's not even a true pit, but some sort of mix! please, if anyone wants to do this in defense of them, please do!
phone #: 248-557-2000
Huel Perkins is a pit hater as is Lee Thomas, lets try to educate them and maybe they won't be so hateful toward them. Maybe. Mad
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fox 2 news detroit biased against pit bulls
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